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Located in Cumberland County, NJ. Zirkle's Nursery has been a quality grower of ornamental shrubs for over 20 years. 

Our Story

In 1995, the nursery was established by Doug Zirkle. He began by growing 3 gallon azaleas, hollies, rhododendrons, and inkberry. Overtime that list slowly grew to now, where we grow over 130 different varieties. Now known for our large container hydrangeas, we supply many independent re-wholesalers and garden centers in the northeast. We have customers ranging from New Hampshire, down past Washington D.C., and out as far as Illinois. We are known everywhere for our quality plant material and outstanding customer service. 

In 2013, Zirkle's Nursery partnered with Hope Grange Nursery to provide quality ornamental and native grasses to our customers. Hope Grange grows beautiful, clean grasses in 1 gallon to 3 gallon containers. Click here for more information

Our Vision

Dedicated to Quality

That slogan sums up the atmosphere here. We realized long ago that quality plants sell themselves. We focus hard on providing quality plants along with quality customer service. We aim to make sure that our customer's needs are met and everyone is happy.

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